Police  Department


The philosophy of the Buena Vista Police Department is to create and sustain a safe community for its citizens. We are a group of caring professionals who deliver service in a realistic, sensitive and positive manner. We are committed to serve, protect and enhance the quality of life throughout our community.



The Buena Vista Police Department strives to follow to the highest standards and reflect the diversity of the community members. The people of our community and members of the Police Department must be united in their commitment to addressing crime, violence, and quality-of-life issues by engaging one another in problem-solving partnerships. Recognizing that honesty is the foundation of our profession, we try to preserve and protect the public trust placed in us by following to the highest standards of honesty and ethical practice.

Our Staff

Wendell Faulk

Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is responsible for planning, directing, and controlling all functions of the Police Department.

Chief Wendell Faulk took office on September 12, 2018. Chief Faulk began his career as a Police Officer on May 13, 1985, with the City of Buena Vista. As a Police Officer, he served in the County Jail as a Jailer/Radio Operator for one year. In the year of 1986, he entered the Columbus Regional Police Academy. Upon graduation, he was assigned to a field training officer where he continued training as a police officer with the City of Buena Vista. After his promotion to Sergeant, he served as Senior Patrol Officer where he was the frontline supervisor who planed, assigned, reviewed, and evaluated work of others. After his promotion to Assistant Chief of Police, he was assigned to provide assistance to the chief and to implement departmental policies, procedures, and activities.  In June 2018, Chief Faulk was appointed Acting Chief, and in September, 2018, he was appointed Chief.

Chief Faulk has served his country with distinction in the United States Marine Corps active-duty (November 1978 – November, 1982) after which he transitioned to Marine Reserve until
November, 1992. Chief Faulk has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Chattahoochee Valley Community College. He also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services from Troy State University.   Chief Faulk has given 36 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Buena Vista, Georgia/Marion County.  

Sharon Williams

Assistant Chief

Assistant Chief Williams has been associated with the field of criminal justice since 1998 when she began her career as a law enforcement officer.  She graduated from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Columbus GA.  Since that time, she has worked as a patrol officer, field training officer and sergeant.  She is currently assigned to the administrative services where as she manage the operation of the administrative functions of the Buena Vista Police Department. She was promoted to her current rank in 2018 and has been with Buena Vista PD for the last 24 years. ​   She worked as a 911 communications officer from 2014-2019 (5 years) with the Middle Flint Regional 911 Center.  Chief Williams oversees the day-to-day operations of the department.  She manages the budget, expenditures, and all administrative services for the department. 

Tory Thomas


Officer Rushin




Bobby Gates

Part-Time Officer

Jonathon Lewis

Part-Time Officer


Part-Time Officer


Welcome to the online Traffic Ticket payment page for the City of Buena Vista, GA, where debit or credit cards are accepted. Note there is a service fee charged by a third-party company, EZ Court Pay, to cover the cost of this convenient and secure payment service.

If you cannot pay the fine in full or have a question specific to your citation other than payment, you will have to call the court directly at 229-649-7888


UP COMING EVENTS:  Sorry but no current events at this time.

GA Sex Offenders


Accident Reports   – COST $5

Contact the Police Department to get a copy




The purpose of the Buena Vista Municipal Court is to handle misdemeanor cases, traffic and non-traffic citations.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Take pleas of GUILTY on traffic and non-traffic cases that appear on the court docket
  • Process traffic and non-traffic cases turned in by police officers
  • Issue warrants for citizens with probable cause
  • Prepare documents for court
  • Process warrants from court
  • Complete necessary paperwork for community service and probation orders
  • Appeals, forfeitures, appearance bonds


Pertinent Information

Payment received by mail or drop box should be in the form of Money Order or Cashier’s Check; NO personal checks accepted.   There is a 24-hour drop box available at City Hall. Payment must be in our office at least 24 hours prior to the court date on the ticket.

Traffic tickets or non-traffic tickets that are listed on the court docket can be paid at the window by the person that received the citation. You cannot pay someone else’s ticket unless they have already been in in front of the judge.

If you are unclear about your court date or the amount of the fine, please call 229.649.7888 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Eastern Time.

Please Note: If the case is not paid before your court date or you do not appear in court, a warrant of arrest will be issued and your driver’s license will be suspended.


  • Preserving the public peace
  • Protecting life and property
  • Detecting, arresting and prosecuting offenders of the laws of the jurisdiction
  • Directing and controlling traffic
  • Providing attendance and protection during emergencies
  • Providing appearances in court
  • Cooperating with all other law enforcement agencies
  • Providing training for the efficiency of its members and officers
  • Responds to many types of local incidents, including violent crimes, property crimes, traffic offenses, and public disturbances such as noise complaints